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Khamis, 28 Jun 2012

Alat permainan sex disangka cendawan..

Penduduk kampung di sebuah daerah di China tiba-tiba menjadi perhatian dunia apabila menyangka satu alat permainan sex sebagai sejenis cendawan...

Ahhh malas la nak translate..baca sendirik laa kat bawah ni

villagers outside the western city of Xi'an discovered the artificial vagina when drilling a new well-shaft, US network ABC reported.
Unable to identify the white, flexible object, villagers reportedly concluded it was a mystical mushroom of the lingzhi variety, able to give people immortality.
"When the Emperor Qin Shi Huang was on the hunt for the secret to longevity, it is said he discovered this lingzhi was the answer," a young reporter from Xi'an Up Close said.
Many viewers of the program recognised the object as a sex toy, prompting the station to issue an apology for their error.
"As our reporter was still very young and unwise to the ways of the world, this report has brought great inconvenience to everyone," they wrote.
"We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for your criticism and correction.
"Please forgive our oversight!"
The TV report has now gone viral, with amused viewers mocking the villagers or praising them for their purity.

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